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Writing academic papers like a professional

Many students seem to forget that just because they are writing their academic paper solely for an examiner, it doesn't need the same attention to detail as if they were writing for a publisher. This is a big mistake. As a student writing an academic paper you need to reach the quality of work as if you were writing to have it approved by a publisher. Get your standards as high as possible.

Here are a number of steps you can take to get the quality of your academic paper to as high a writing standard as possible.

  • look at what others have written
  • always start with a plan and a strategy
  • get constant feedback
  • do regular exercise

One of the best ways to learn how to improve the quality of your academic writing, to write like a professional would write, is to look at the work of others. So, visit and let this be an inspiring example of good academic writing for you. Successful academic papers will almost certainly be published by your educational institution. They may well be online and they will probably be in the college library. And they don't have to just be the academic papers of former students at your college. They could be the written examples of students throughout the country. Look for the work which has been rated to a very high level. Study this work. Learn from it. Pick up hints so as to improve your own academic writing.

Never simply write. Always think about it before hand. Always have a plan. Always have a strategy which is the way you will approach your writing, the environment in which you will write and the routine you will go through with such things as research and the actual writing itself.

Feedback is important. There are two factors involved here. You need regular feedback. Not just when you've finished your academic writing but as it is proceeding. And you need to get feedback from people who are in a position to give sensible and serious constructive criticism.

Now when it is recommended that you do regular exercise, this does not refer to your physical fitness and good health although both of those things are really important; but rather it refers to your mental exercises. You need to keep your brain busy and active. Doing short mental exercises every day for only a few minutes is a good way to keep your mind in the academic writing mode.