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A Connection To The World:

The Benefits of Mobile Communication to The Society

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Texting, calling, and even video chat, that is just a few of the ample ways on how to communicate trough mobile phones. But these words will not make any sense 90 years ago, where the main means of communication which involves very distant locations was trough snail mail. People before, would write letters trough paper and pen and it will usually takes days before the letter will be carried to its destination and will take another number of days to receive their reply. But now with modern technology, communication took a big leap in messaging where they developed the Short Messaging Service or the SMS in the early 1980’s.

Now with the improvement of our technology a lot of new components were added in maybe the greatest invention humankind has provided us. We would spend hours in texting and calling people thru our phones, and because of that we became attached to it: enjoying the benefits of our phones in convenient communication. Studies found out that the average teenager sends more than 3000 texts in a month. That is a lot of typing!

Using our mobile phones provide us with tons of benefits. Did you know that you can use your phone as a life saver? If not, you might have been not noticing it, just dial 911 and presto! If you are suffering from starvation you can order pizza. You can call any service, buy anything and do anything with just a press of a button. One reason for you to use your phone is being a way for us to contact our loved ones from far places. What is more is we can also socialize with other people and talk about the latest things in school or to the boss’ order from a coffee shop.

But sometimes we get too attached with our phones that we seem to be trapped, and putting our phones into our necessities. According to a study at least 50% of Americans cannot live without their phones. Most people think that they are better expressing their thoughts by texting or calling than say it in person. We would sometimes even tell lies trough text.

Despite this, we still find it hard to put down our phones; you cannot deny that mobile phones have been a part of our everyday lives. It made us feel connected to the world. It made us connected with society.