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St. Andrew's Cooperative Nursery School


St. Andrew's Cooperative Nursery
is a very special place that provides
a creative  wholesome  environment where
children enjoy learning as well as building
relationships with their peers and their
teachers.  Our cornerstone philosophy
is clear:  early childhood is a magical time
when children learn about themselves
and the world around them.  


Dedicated to children in the Smithtown community since 1956, St. Andrew's Cooperative
Nursery School
provides an age-appropriate, kindergarten-readiness
curriculum that is second to none!  We provide a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for
you the parent to BE THERE  and share in your child’s classroom experience!  
St. Andrew’s
Cooperative Nursery School
provides an exceptionally clean and well-kept and equipped
spacious classroom!  
St. Andrew’s Cooperative Nursery School prides itself on having
the flexibility to customize the curriculum to meet the changing needs of its students and the
changing demands of an increasingly more global community.  


It is one that  empowers parents by providing them with valuable insights into the challenges
and joys common to preschoolers. As a result, parents find greater pleasure in interacting
with their own children.  St. Andrew’s allows parents the opportunity to participate in their
child's first school experience giving them the chance to observe their child's social and
emotional growth over the course of the year as well as  developing memories that will last a
St. Andrew’s Cooperative Nursery School understands that the busy
schedules of many parents preclude them from participating in classroom activities on a
rotating basis.  For those parents, a non-cooperative enrollment option is available.  The
children of these families will still enjoy being the “Star of the Day” on a rotating basis and
will receive the many benefits our school has to offer.

30 Brooksite Drive
Smithtown, New York 11787
(631) 265-2288

"Where the Child is the Curriculum"
Contact Us